Street Food Rally 2013


Come out and support the Greater Birmingham Street Food Coalition at our First Annual Street Food Rally, March 10th!  

This event is being hosted by The Greater Birmingham Street Food Coalition. This coalition represents the trailers, carts, and food trucks in Birmingham. It is the goal of this coalition to spread awareness to the fast paced growth of the food truck movement. With your support, our group will help enhance and progress the economy of our great city.

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Dusk w Bham 004

The City of Birmingham is currently considering its first food truck laws.  City Council has an exciting opportunity to lead the nation in passing legislation that embraces the food truck revolution, but unfortunately, the city’s proposal is focused on protecting brick-and-mortar restaurants from competition – and will likely put us out of business.  Many of us own restaurants ourselves, and from first-hand experience can say that food trucks pose no threat to traditional restaurant establishments.  In fact, food trucks provide enormous benefits to the communities they serve, and boost local businesses – including restaurants – through increased foot traffic.

The city should be focused on protecting the public’s health and safety, not stifling entrepreneurship at the behest of a few restaurants.  Food trucks are blossoming in Birmingham, but the city’s efforts may drive us off the streets.  We hope you’ll support our efforts to keep street food legal in Birmingham!

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